Zombie Mine Roadmap

   ~ ∞ August, 2018 ∞ ~
Site is born from rage of getting attacked by too many pop-ups and going through too many shit-links.
Site is named Zombie Mine because I felt like a zombie after experiencing too many bad faucets. I know. Ironic.
Site logo created. Main site colors chosen. Domain & hosting purchased. Script hunting begins.

⇓  September, 2018  ⇓

Basic high paying faucet site is set up with popular coins to increase traffic and presence on FaucetHub. JSE coin applied to site to ensure survival without as many ads as possible. User profiles added as well as forum. Zombie Mine Social Media Pages Created and promotion started.
Facebook / Instagram / Discord / Telegram

 ⇓  October, 2018  ⇓

Zombits Point System Introduced. Adscend Media approved for an offerwall. Zombits Miner introduced (XMR Mining hashes for Zombits points) Google Adsense Approved and applied to site hopefully ensuring we don’t need another way of revenue. Layout change. Mining guides and help sections created. Site is taking off at a good rate but not too much so I can’t handle payouts. BitMedia Bitcoin Ad company approved Zombie Mine and is applied on site, doesn’t pay well in impressions so keeping options open.

⇓  November, 2018   ⇓

New logo created from scratch then digitally edited. Site peaks in traffic. AdConity Ads approve Zombie Mine. Plans for Crypto Mining Game started that is based off ROI. All faucets switch to logged in users only for good. Worked on Crypto Mining Game design and new layout ideas.
At the end of November Bitcoin Started to crash as well as site traffic. Took a couple week break from everything to clear my head and get a better perspective.
Zombits Driver Mini Game made by and for the Zombie Mine Community (Oiboo Thank You)

⇓  December, 2018   ⇓

Back from a mental hiatus. Users will slowly be given Altcoin Addresses, Altcoin faucet scripts and coins purchased and created for the upcoming faucet barrage starting with Tron (TRX) & our new on site Wallets. Users will be able to withdraw, deposit and store coins on Zombie Mines secure hosting. Final new site layout implemented an polished. News tab added to top menu for ease of access in seeing recent posts.
Crypto prices keep dropping and taking out major mining operations and investors. Faith in BTC stirred once more. Cointiply’s Mining Game goes down in which I saw coming (Unsustainable algorithms they didn’t look ahead) Zombie Mine now has to gain some users trust again in ROI Crypto Mining Games. 12/17 Prices finally turn around. The faucet barrage begins with a new Altcoin faucet everyday until New Years! As of 12/18 we now have 15 paying faucets.
Zombie Mine’s Faucet Independence is in reach!

 ⇓  January, 2019   ⇓

Spend $100 in site promotion on various crypto websites and ad-services. Apply CloudFlare DDos Protection for extra site protection for self and users. Get more offerwalls.
Design and script / find script for a site exchange as well as P2P exchange. Find a code to make a site chat box that has rain for users. 

⇓  February, 2019  ⇓

 Begin designing and finding necessary coders to make a Zombie Mine App for Android & Apple Promote upcoming exchange. Implement downloadable site miner for the Zombits point system on Windows.

⇓  March, 2019  ⇓
Create onsite PTC ad exchange.