Welcome to my mini WrkzCoin guide!

WrkzCoin is a crypto currency with crypto-note technology. Crypto-note technology brings super fast untraceable, unlinkable, double-spend proof & proof of work to new altcoins and WrkzCoin is one of those projects adapting and evolving with the fairly new tech. WrkzCoin should be on your radar if you are a fan of TurtleCoin (TRTL) as they are very similar, but in purpose and community they differ quite a bit. WrkzCoin at it’s foundation is a cryptocurrency built around paying for duties online & offline of all sorts. That being said, its demand and prosperity relies on those who seek it as a form of payment and therefore a strong… dare I say it… working community is bound to be born and is already flourishing rapidly across the cryptoverse.  Being apart of that community for a few months now I can tell you that there is no shortage of development or bright minds on this project. Everyone is also very friendly and willing to help out in a timely fashion and it really does help that the Dev (CapEtn) is available online pretty much daily on the official WrkzCoin Discord which can be found below. If you are interested in mining or obtaining some WrkzCoin for yourself you can follow my easy set-up steps below for thousands of wrkz every day! An official description follows the guide as well as donation address for the project or myself. Like all new coins, she won’t be nearly as easy to obtain in the near future compared to now so hop on it! 

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– Zombie Mine WrkzCoin Mini Guide –

1 – Make a wallet – You can literally mine with the desktop GUI wallet. Latest release is available on GitHub HERE
Once you have that downloaded, extract the contents to your desktop, open the folder and look for the file with the name “WrkzCoin-GUI” (Most likely at the bottom / has an icon).

Start her up!
2 – Set-up Your Wallet – This step is automated but basically you have to wait for your wallet to sync to the network (Bottom Left) to see your funds and or access them. Your address will be available already though! The wrkz wallet has a build in miner for those who aren’t too savy with the command miners. Simply hit the mining tab, select how many cpu cores or threads you want to use and watch the wrkz pour in! While you are waiting for synchronization you can complete the optional next two steps with your address for more wrkz! Plus its a good test to make sure everything is working once your wallet completes it’s sync. If all you wanted to do was set up a wallet then you are actually all set.  The next steps are bonuses.

3 – (Bonus Step!) – Claim WrkzCoin! – Open up your wallet, copy your address and go to,
WrkzCoin.Space – Enter your address in, complete the easy captcha and claim up 1,000 WrkzCoin every 30 Minutes. Click on “Earn More🔥” to generate a referral link!

4 – (Bonus Step!) – WrkzCoin Tips! – Join the official Discord HERE

Introduce yourself!
Link your wallet by typing .register then your WrkzCoin address. This will enable you to receive tips from everyone. Here is the full list of bot commands,

.help Shows this message
.info Get your account’s info.
.balance Check your WRKZ balance.
.register Register or change your deposit address.
.withdraw Withdraw WRKZ from your balance.
.tip Give WRKZ to a user from your balance.
.height Get WRKZ current block height.
.hash Get WRKZ network hashrate.
.diff Get WRKZ current difficulty.
.supply Get WRKZ circulating supply.

Enjoy & Happy New Year to all! Let’s do wrk!!!

Official Description quoted from the OFFICIAL SITE

WrkzCoin is a cryptocurrency based on CryptoNote technology. Our goal is to build, create, and lead the next generation digital marketplace and eventually utilize a freelance work platform on which anyone can participate.  Our team consists of various roles and support staff including an Engineer, System Administrator, and a Web Developer. Future positions are being considered for roles as they become available.

Coin Specification:

Coin Name: WrkzCoin

Ticker: Wrkz

PoW Algorithm: CryptoNightLite V1

Supply: 500,000,000,000.00 Wrkz with 2 decimal places (Yes, Five Hundred Billion)

Emission speed: 22

Pre-mined: 3% (= 15 Billion) for future development

Difficulty target: 60 seconds

P2P port: 17855

RPC port: 17856

Genesis: June 24th, 2018

Whitepaper v1.0 (Dec 2018)

Block Explorer

Paper Wallet

Mining Pools:
Pool-us.wrkz.work             (0.5% fee – Official)
Pool-sg.wrkz.work             (0.5% fee – Official)
Pool-eu.wrkz.work             (0.5% fee – Official)
Wrkz.rollinghavoc.com        (2.0% fee)
Wrkz.cncoin.cf                   (0.0% fee)
More to come!


Official Website / Forum

GitHub Resources

Official Wrkz Donations:

Information by BitcoinTalk ANN

Zombie Mine Wrkz Donations:


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