Crypto Consumerism – 2019

Hey there crypto enthusiast, here with another little opinionated rant from the mind of Zombie Mine. I just want to say thank you for your time foremost… that’s one of the major key issues in introducing crypto currency to the masses.. Timing. It’s everything and still is, there are way to many people in the community involved in projects rather than diversifying this beautiful army and taking over, leaking into every sector of life one can imagine. Don’t get me wrong. I think we have a beautiful future in some areas of the crypto world like gaming and advertising and we already have made major leaps and bounds but what about the simple things, like educational platforms where users are tested on crypto currency for crypto, forming groups in your community to connect with people that also use crypto, common ground between what altcoins we should embrace or leave in the past, the protests that should be being organized on lawns the ones who currently in control. Adaptation will only happen if we make them see. We are quite literally dealing with zombies.

If you ask me, “Do you think crypto will be popular in the future?” I’d reply happily, “OF COURSE! ^-^ … But not in the terms of the perspective you currently embrace…

Stay tuned for the continuation of said rant!

Love ya.

-Zombie God

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