Happy New Years Zombies!

*Cracks a cold one* Eyyy here is to 2019! May this be the year us crypto heads finally take over the world and redesign the currency infrastructure of the world. A new world of our own in a way 🤔. Even if we don’t become the majority we have become a collective force that cannot be stopped or denied in existence. We exist, crypto still exists, works and has lovers now of all races and ages. So will it become mainstream? If the IRS in the US is tremendous at one thing in which they have a history of doing, it’s getting their fair share of something if it’s a money maker or will continue to make money and oh boy have they stepped up their game this year folks. The signs are there. Put everything you can into the most legit coin you know and trust because that invest could be the sacrifice your future needs! The world is changing fast and I’m stoked to see what 2019 has for us! Bring it! I’ll be right here with you guys every day and every night no matter what happens.

🖤Happy New Year everyone I wish you greatest luck and love in life and death, may you never lose hope!🖤

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