Zombie Mine Updates – 12 / 29 / 2018

         So starting off with the best news… I’m back… back in full force that is. Being the only person developing this site it took quite a big crash in terms of keeping things under control and transitioning the site in the way that I had hoped.  But everything is pretty much back to normal in my life now, in fact I actually have more time now than ever before to get things transcending once more. Sorry to the users who are just here for the faucet hub faucets, I know they did go empty before I could take them down and that resulted in people claiming for no reason at all. I was busy with personal problems, I gave fair warning they were going to disappear and its not like I made you do a short-link or fight off a pop up every time so there’s nothing I can do for users who are disheartened by that aspect. The site is moving forward and that’s just how it is. The Electroneum (ETN) faucet is trying to be filled for claims so please be patient it is coming. There was a bug I had to deal with in a deposit and lost a couple hundred so I’ve been in contact with our third party source CoinPayments. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas / Holidays and wish you a blast on New Years, take a shot for meh!(;

Keep an eye on the Faucet List! Ill be making a bunch through the next few days!

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