Cyprus Coin (XCY) Faucet

This is the start of many posts on Alt coin faucets / opportunities I find. 
About Cyprus Coin quoted from their official website,
The link to downloading a wallet is there as well. (“Nest Win” Wallet in top right or click direct download link from GitHub). 
Cyprus Coin Faucet

“Cyprus has always been and still a popular destination for those who want to have a great holiday, form offshore companies, visit casinos – gambling parlors and enjoy the life. CyprusCoin idea was born on a meeting in Cyprus where several businessmen and offshore finance advisers were discussing about safe management of investment funds.  Since Cyprus is a very popular offshore investment destination, we believe that CyprusCoin will be a great solution for the people to move their money freely, untraceable, safe and securely.

You may think that, there are several strong privacy coins so why we needed a new one. Yes, we are also aware that there are many privacy coins and they have great communities, developers. However with building CyprusCoin we wanted to focus on offshore investment market and their specific needs. This is why we wanted to have our own coin to develop and improve for our purpose and goals.


Zombie Mine Cyprus Coin Faucet Fund Address:

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