Zombie Mine Cloud is on its way!

In just a couple weeks you will be able to purchase our first package and try out the cloud for yourself!

There are way too many ponzi schemes out there and Zombie Mine is here to fight back.

Upon release there will a maximum of 50 Packages available. Why such a low amount? We want to be able to pay you your interest and one of the major problems with cloud mines is taking on too many orders than they can handle or on purpose to just make money.

Zombie Mine Cloud v1 – Exclusive Description:

So let’s talk Satoshi, one satoshi is 0.00000001 Bitcoin (BTC).

250,000 for a one year plan.

1,000 Satoshi return daily.

ZERO Maintenance fees.

ZERO Withdraw Fee

5% Deposit fee which is 12,500 Satoshi.

Withdraws at only 50,000 Satoshi.

More plans and details coming soon as well as an another exclusive description on an even bigger crypto project.

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