New ZombieMine changes

Recently, ZombieMine has added loads of new features. What does this mean for you – the user – the Zombie Miner?! Well, in short, it means you have a new way to diversify your crypto income through many, many different ways. Why is this good? – Because if faucet-ing isn’t your fancy, you can always try something like cloud mining which we also offer for you!

We want to offer the best crypto experience when using our site, through these changes, we want to say that some bugs and errors may find their way through out administration, so we do apologise if you experience any errors with our site. Other than that, we hope you are enjoying our site and  we kindly request that you take parts in our polls ( and make sure you interact with us and tell us your ideas because after all, ZombieMine should be your creation as well as ours!

Thank you to all ZombieMiners! 

– ZombieMineAdmin

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