Turtlecoin (TRTL) Mining Guide

Welcome to my TURTLECOIN mining guide!!!
I love simplicity too so here.. we.. go!

Step 1: Download Wallet
Official TurtleCoin Site
Direct Link: GitHub (0.36)
turtle wallet 2018

Step 2: Download XMR STAK Miner
Latest GitHub Release

turtlecoin mining guideturtle desktop

Step 4: Open & set-up your Turtlecoin Wallet
Create a new wallet once the nest loads, you can name it anything and the choice of node is preference but you can use the way mine is set up to connect as well.
turtle walletturtlewallet2
Just so you know your wallet file is stored inside the Turtlecoin wallet folder once you create it like shown below.
turtle xmr stak.png
Step 4: Pool address
One Turtlecoin pool you can connect to is Turtlepool.space which we will use for a sample. Once on there choose your location in the top right (EU,US,HK) then if you go to their “Get Started” tab you will see the pool address as highlighted below. I will post them here for ease of access.
US – us.turtlepool.space:3333
EU – eu.turtlepool.space:3333
HK – hk.turtlepool.space:3333
turtlecoin pool selection

Step 5: Start your STAK!
Now you have all the information needed to connect the XMR STAK to a mining pool. Your Turtlecoin wallet address and a Turtlecoin pool address.

Open the console in your XMR STAK folder,
Once open follow the prompted steps and or follow my steps below,

Type zero and hit enter,
turtle mining step1
Type turtlecoin, hit enter,
turtlecoin mining step2
Type in pool address from previous step – Example: us.turtlepool.space:3333
turtlecoin mining step3
Enter your Wallet address from your new TRTL wallet, hit enter
turtlecoin mining guide 4
Password for THIS pool will be blank so just hit enter.
Rig Identifier can be blank, hit enter.
Type N for the next three options,
turtlecoin mining 5
turtlecoin mining finish
You should be connected and receiving notices like above!!!
Yay all done! Enjoy! <3
Press “R” to get a little report on your status and hash rate.

Just close it out when you are done and when you want to mine again just start up the same XMR STAK file and it should be set up and will connect you automatically from now on.

Other Turtlecoin Pools:
Cryptonote – TRTL

Note: Some pools have different login info to connect to them so please read around!

If you need more assistance figuring out how to set up XMR-Stak and connecting to pools email,

Turtlecoin Faucet 1
Turtlecoin Faucet 2

Faucet Source Code: GitHub

Turtlecoin Donation Address:

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