Ethereum Mining Tutorial

Welcome to my Ethereum mining tutorial ! (For GPU / NVDIA users)

Follow the simple steps below to begin mining in minutes!

Step 1: Find Your Ideal Pool

Finding the right pool for Ethereum mining can be tricky sometimes, there are so many out there and they all want you to mine through them so they get a tiny percentage of your mining. In my search I have found that MiningPoolHub can be pricey on their auto exchanges but aren’t too hefty on the fees. If I find better pools they will be posted here as time goes by. For now sign up for and proceed.

Step 2: Get the correct command prompt miner.

You will find most coins use the simple command prompt for mining. It may seem like you could just switch from one to the other when switching coins but they are usually unique and require downloading a different command prompt. The most efficient Ethereum miner I found so far is Claymores Dual Ethereum Miner which will actually let you mine different coins but you will have to edit the bat file. Download the miner below, extract to its own folder on desktop and proceed to the last step (yea we are pretty much done lol).


Step 3: Create .BAT file & WorkerID

Last and sometimes an annoying step to mining… Creating a .BAT file. Your .BAT file is essentially you launch code for the miner and your means of connecting you to your pool… 

Create a worker name or as I like to call a WorkerID. It can be anything. Yes “zombie” “funkytown” anything. You decide. This will be used to log you on miningpoolhub through the command prompt. Get something to write with and jot down the following just as it looks

(MiningPoolHub Username).(WORKERID)



Now open your Claymore Miner folder with all its lovely contents and find a file named “START”  it should be a “.bat” file already. Right click and hit edit, I would use the simple wordpad for simplicity. Once open delete the line of text that is in there, it is just a sample text (or prob sends hashes to claymore owner lol).

Paste the following line of text into the prompt,
EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal username.workername -eworker username.workername -esm 2 -epsw x

Replace the both sets of User/Worker in the text with your own from the last step exactly how they are.

EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal miner420.funkytown -eworker miner420.funkytown -esm 2 -epsw x

Step 4: Saving and Launching


“.bat” file.



Can be anything .bat

I choose the currency and pool for documentation and order cause I’m OCD like that cx

Time for a test run.

Close everything down on your computer to get a little more speed and clear your head from everything.

Open claymore folder,

Open .bat file you just created and let her run.

Everything should go as planned and you should start seeing a hash rate after a few mins. Your ETH should start showing up after and hour and a half. After two hours I would start to worry and consider you did something wrong but you should be set. If you have any problems at all please email me.

I’ll respond within the day c:

Thanks for reading and happy mining.

Please email if you wish to donate so I can mention you here!



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